Full Service Recycling

We specialize in Commercial / Industrial Glass Recycling, but "We CAN Recycle" almost anything!

We also provide product destruction & documentation

We provide affordable sustainable recycling programs for southeast Texas businesses.

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Our self service Glass recycling center is Open 24/7

We DO NOT accept flourescent tubes or other hazardous materials.
We DO NOT buy any recyclables

Houston - Galveston Area Government Run Recycling Centers

Why Recycle Glass?

Using recycled glass conserves more than 1.1 tons of raw materials per ton manufactured and producing glass from recycled glass rather than raw materials uses 75% less energy. Glass is 100% recyclable indefinitely

For every ton of glass recycled, there is a saving of almost 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most prominent Greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere.

Learn how to identify recyclable plastic types HERE